Let them just Bee

There’s even a handy recipe in the back for “Grandma’s Apple and Honey Muffins.”


The warmer weather is approaching and with that, all the insects are too.

On Easter Sunday while enjoying the sunshine, my child bolted at the sight of a bee and rightfully so.  Most people don’t want to get stung.  However, I also wanted to remind him of their importance in nature.  So, I reassured him that while it’s wise to stay out of their way, we must also let them bee.

My plan for that afternoon was something to coincide with our egg hunting with a read aloud of Millie’s Chicken’s.  But, with a handy array of children’s books available, it was easy to change course as The Beeman also happens to be among them.  Obviously, it was time to reach for it again and revisit the topic of bees.  17990662_769299856571515_7109530623579947060_o

His Aunt was in town and offered to sit and read with him while I finished up in the kitchen.  My son had lots of questions and she learned some new things too.  I had the same experience when I first read it.  I was not that familiar with the honey making process because I didn’t retain much of the facts from my elementary school days.   There’s even a handy recipe at the end for “Grandma’s Apple and Honey Muffins.”

Barefoot Books carries a ton of options that tie in wonderfully with almost any theme.   So, if you’re a homeschooling parent, caregiver, teacher or simply seeking invaluable gifts for children and/or early learning fun, their vast catalog has something for you.

Stay inspired about story time and follow us into the pages of a Barefoot Book!

Kids keep me busy with things like this but so does the kitchen and food happens here.

This post contains affiliate links and every purchase provides diverse books many more families can enjoy!


Author: selfrisingflower

Salutations! I'm not a professional chef or baker (simply interested in learning-how-to-cook-more-things-myself-at-home...maker!) My passions include, but are not limited to: trying new recipes; early learning fun; catching poems; home goods; DIY and soooo much more. Hence, "not limited to."

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