What I come up with is not Pinterest perfection, but it is fun and from the heart.


I was not familiar with early childhood education until I became a parent.  I’m thankful that there’s information across social media being shared by preschool teachers, stay-at-home mom and dads, homeschooling families and more.  So, I’ll never run out of inspiration for early learning fun.

The fact that I don’t take myself too seriously doesn’t hurt.  It comes in handy when I’m just pretending to lick an ice cream cone or spontaneously turn a teachable moment into a song.  My creative side has naturally shifted in this direction along with the help of endless arts and crafts.  However, let’s be clear. What I come up with is not Pinterest perfection, but it is fun and from the heart.


A child’s outfit reminded me of a coloring page in the art bin, so our theme for that day became the obvious, pirate ships!  Then we glued the sections I cut out of the pirate ship on to an old cereal box for a sturdier display.  (This newbie used to laminate everything.)

Activities are always on my mind and I’m currently working on something for Flag Day. In addition to colors and shapes, there will be lots of counting.  With fifty stars and thirteen stripes, our American Flag has plenty to work with don’t you think?

Kids keep me busy with things like this but so does the kitchen and food happens here.

Author: selfrisingflower

Salutations! I'm not a professional chef or baker (simply interested in learning-how-to-cook-more-things-myself-at-home...maker!) My passions include, but are not limited to: trying new recipes; early learning fun; catching poems; home goods; DIY and soooo much more. Hence, "not limited to."

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