Little Heart Cards for Mother’s Day

Easy Peasy and Fun shared a helpful video you’ll see below for a DIY Heart Notebook.  I hope to get there eventually.  In the interest of time, their beautiful tutorial evolved into something I could present as a craft in a similar way but, faster.

Working with only two cutouts (using the heart template provided on their website) I decorated the outside of one (kids may just scribble or finger paint) and then wrote a personalized message on the inside of the other.  When the template is open, you have enough space for a simple stanza (one line per section.)  For example:

Roses are red / Violets are blue / On Mother’s Day… / It’s all about you!

You get the drift.

As shown above, they also resemble flowers, so another idea was to fold the edges so they look more like petals.  Then, I punctured the base to fit a straw through for the stem and tied green ribbon for the look of leaves.  On my own, I had separately drawn tiny little flower shapes that I cut out of pink paper and threw inside of the flower.  If you shake it, they’ll fall out like confetti and it’s something I added just for fun as a counting game.

I used regular copy paper for the inside heart and construction paper for the outside. Like I said, I only used two hearts but I’m sure you could make more to nest inside of each other.  I taped a piece of ribbon so it has a handle.

Lastly, while experimenting with the heart cutout in yet another way, it resulted in something interesting that should be suitable as a garland (and I’ll share that image once I get it together.)

Hope you like this craft suggestion and the original source for my inspiration as credited above.

Kids keep me busy with things like this but so does the kitchen and the food happens here.


Author: selfrisingflower

Salutations! I'm not a professional chef or baker (simply interested in learning-how-to-cook-more-things-myself-at-home...maker!) My passions include, but are not limited to: trying new recipes; early learning fun; catching poems; home goods; DIY and soooo much more. Hence, "not limited to."

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