This post will be continually updated to add a suggestion for a play idea with your average household items because when it comes to the business of babies, everything helps!

Baby Wipes Packages can be used a few ways after the wipes are gone.  I personally carry one around on the road to contain miscellaneous garbage (gum; snack wrappers, bottle caps, used tissues etc.) until I reach the nearest trash can.


As for play, the little ones will open and close the flap maybe while you chant Open Shut Them Put Them on Your Lap.  You can hide toys inside or just give them a good squeeze to hear a crunching sound.


Author: selfrisingflower

Salutations! I'm not a professional chef or baker (simply interested in learning-how-to-cook-more-things-myself-at-home...maker!) My passions include, but are not limited to: trying new recipes; early learning fun; catching poems; home goods; DIY and soooo much more. Hence, "not limited to."

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