Busy with business cards

While going through a file box I came across a stack of something that needed another purpose.


And so, my old business cards have been colored, counted and cut.  We’ve used them to play memory games and arranged them to form different shapes.  They’ve been converted into small flash cards, a mini pennant garland and tools for setting the table.

Future activity ideas will include writing practice (one card per each letter that can be shuffled later for the child to spell their own name) as well as to count how many.  I also thought to save all the colorful dots left over from all the hole-punching for easy table confetti to decorate our next birthday party.

As they’re made out of sturdy card stock, the possibilities are endless.


Spanish Sight Words

So, I’ve been meaning to include Spanish sight words on our wall but wasn’t yet decided on how to make them stand out in their own way.  (Our English sight words are part of a fun set of flash cards we purchased and love to work with as shown below.)


Then, I came across a display of high frequency Spanish words on an educational website.  It was also the perfect solution for making great use of all our extra construction paper scraps!  Conveniently, my trusted masking tape roll also doubled as the stencil for the right-sized circles, too.

19875316_815328531968647_536176068206993481_nI’ve already envisioned another slide show for the future but until then, I simply made a list on Google Sheets you can find here that contains the visible words on the image shared on Facebook by Rockalingua.

It’s a wonderful page to follow by the way, for your Spanish learning!

Source:  https://www.facebook.com/Rockalingua/photos/a.268690703268324.1073741832.246130445524350/937361609734560/?type=3&theater



Dad Day!

*** Update ***

After my first stab at this, I kept tooling around with it, literally, and came up with something more presentable you see above.  With the help of a black piece of foam I found that’s the precise shape, I used brass metal fasteners to keep the paper in place.  An unexpected bonus was that the saw handle hooks to the fastener on the left and thus stays put inside.  Then, it dawned on me to use a yellow post-it note for the lock as it will naturally work on its own if I use the sticky side for the cut-out.  I found some other tool images to adorn the cover instead of the blue corners and kept the handle from before.  I simply poked a hole at the top and stuck the hook part in there upside down and glued the bottom of the handle that touches the top of the foam.

Naturally, I turned to Pinterest (their images above) for guidance in honor of Father’s Day when it comes to things like arts and crafts.


Not every man wears ties, so that was out and I already did a palm print for Mother’s Day. If the dads you know are just as handy, then the saw tool idea was the one.  But, I also noticed the tool box which will tie in (no pun intended) so I combined both of these suggestions.

I started by folding red construction paper into the middle to get a tool box shape.  I used this coloring page image (that I had to size appropriately to fit) inside the space as shown in the finished product while an old cereal box provides its sturdiness.




I dug through my craft stash in search of a plastic handle instead of using a paper cut-out for this too.   I found something that did the trick that once held my opaque tights.  Other random packaging used is a rectangle-shaped piece of cardboard to hold the tool box.  Then, I punctured a hole in the back at the bottom of it to tighten the handle closer to the edge with string.  Glue and double-sided tape kept everything else together as needed.

The message (Best Dad I Ever Saw) goes on the front and I added the child’s name and date on the back .



For those little ones who can’t do much more than finger paint designs, this is a craft they can at least carry by the handle to surprise Dad with on Sunday.  I’m still keeping busy making some more of these with whatever recycled materials I have left in the bin and it’s still not to late for you!

Ice Age Play

Even when your head is flooded with nonstop ideas of your own, you can still draw a blank.  This is why I’m ever so grateful for all the sharing that takes place on social media.  As you can see, one share leads to another and so on.

A post that popped up on our Facebook feed led us to Crumb Bums and an outdoor activity idea for those very hot soon-to-be summer days.  I’m always thrilled when something brilliant comes along that’s also practical and doable with whatever I happen to have available.


So, in the interest of time and rising temperatures, I skipped the food coloring and just froze two animal toys in a suitably sized plastic storage container.  I also froze water alone in a large plastic cup and silicone heart-shaped mold.  We had toy hammers and the kids took turns trying to free the giraffe and an extinct Dino that I pointed out was stubbornly trapped in the ice age (and reminds me of a platypus, by the way.)

But, if you didn’t have a single toy to freeze, simply chipping away at a block of plain old ice was entertaining enough for them.

Well, this wonderful suggestion is now spinning me in a ton of different directions that I’ll be sure to update once I’ve tried them out next!

Little Heart Cards for Mother’s Day

Easy Peasy and Fun shared a helpful video you’ll see below for a DIY Heart Notebook.  I hope to get there eventually.  In the interest of time, their beautiful tutorial evolved into something I could present as a craft in a similar way but, faster.

Working with only two cutouts (using the heart template provided on their website) I decorated the outside of one (kids may just scribble or finger paint) and then wrote a personalized message on the inside of the other.  When the template is open, you have enough space for a simple stanza (one line per section.)  For example:

Roses are red / Violets are blue / On Mother’s Day… / It’s all about you!

You get the drift.

As shown above, they also resemble flowers, so another idea was to fold the edges so they look more like petals.  Then, I punctured the base to fit a straw through for the stem and tied green ribbon for the look of leaves.  On my own, I had separately drawn tiny little flower shapes that I cut out of pink paper and threw inside of the flower.  If you shake it, they’ll fall out like confetti and it’s something I added just for fun as a counting game.

I used regular copy paper for the inside heart and construction paper for the outside. Like I said, I only used two hearts but I’m sure you could make more to nest inside of each other.  I taped a piece of ribbon so it has a handle.

Lastly, while experimenting with the heart cutout in yet another way, it resulted in something interesting that should be suitable as a garland (and I’ll share that image once I get it together.)

Hope you like this craft suggestion and the original source for my inspiration as credited above.

Kids keep me busy with things like this but so does the kitchen and the food happens here.