My Favorite Things – ABC Flash Cards

Over the years, I’ve put together several early learning presentations.  I’d play them on our old computer or connect a cable to the television to view on a larger screen.  Nowadays you don’t need a wire and with Screen Mirroring, all you need is Internet access and your smart phone will do.

(Kids get a kick out of being able to play the presentations while I use my pointer for emphasis.)

Here’s just another set of ABC flash card slides thanks to MS PowerPoint (which you can then import into Google Slides for sharing as I have done.)

These slides are supposed to be a focus on our favorite things but with preschoolers, it’s more like the first things that came to mind.  Then there was an issue with K.  For no apparent reason, my suggestions for Kiss, Karate, Kite, Kangaroo or Knight were a fail while Ketchup was unanimous.  Then there’s the case of the bitter X.  Not many new or easy choices for this letter with little ones, am I right?  But hey, we do enjoy our Xylophone and X-Rays always remind us of Dem Bones.  And, no need to wait for Halloween to begin doing The Skeleton Dance!

Play around with the software if you’re interested and come up with your own flash card favorites.  Our next project is photos of actual family members (Aunt, Brother, Cousin, Dad, Grandma, Dad, etc.) and if you have any pets, you should include them too!

Hope you enjoy our ABC Favorite Things Slide Show you can view here!


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that yes, the very mention of My Favorite Things always brings me me back to The Sound of Music.


Tea. A drink with jam and bread.

Of the many good childhood memories that one may have, watching The Sound of Music with my family when I was young, happens to be among them.  It was a special time (typically summers with my cousins) and an Aunt who was just as interested in music and art.  She teaches kindergarten.

For those of us not destined for the stage, singing is still a vital and enjoyable part of our lives.  So, thank goodness for outlets such as karaoke to switch things up from all those solos in the shower.

Another joy about singing and in particular songs like Do-Re-Mi is introducing them for the first time to children.  I can’t say with absolute certainty if they care or even notice when I’m off-key or that I tend to hold a note longer than necessary, but nonetheless it’s entertaining for us all (I hope!)

So, when NBC aired their live version back in 2013, I was over the moon and this collaboration of Do-Re-Mi in particular has kept our momentum going.

Especially when you know the notes to sing…


The Banana Song

In addition to music and movement, I followed up the song with a few facts about nutrition.

On one of the many preschool pages I follow on Facebook, I learned about Dr. Jean.  The description on her YouTube channel states that it’s for “teachers and parents to enjoy with their children.”  Well, that’s exactly what happened.

As a mom, I enjoyed The Banana Song very much and we heard it for the first time this week.  We even had props to go along with it thanks to a collection of plush play food we keep in the toy kitchen (all except for mango.)  In addition to music and movement, I followed up the song with a few facts about nutrition.

If you don’t have any pretend food available, check your recycle bin.  Chances are there’s a decent image of food on a product box or magazine that you can cut out.  I also like to write the name on the back of the item to reinforce letter recognition.  We’ve sorted these into the five food groups and served them to each other when we play restaurant.

I love singing silly songs and learning chants all on my own, by the way.  I could be doing something totally random and verses start forming in my head for early learning fun.  For instance, this morning it was raining and I began humming a tune.  Something about the day being wet, which means it’s raining. But that the day was still new, so no sense complaining.

Kids keep me busy with things like this but so does the kitchen and food happens here.