Pineapple Day!

Turns out that June is just loaded with a variety of themes: Flag Day, Father’s Day, first day of Summer and in sweet succession, wait for it… a day for the Pineapple.

Yes and yum!


Admittedly, I didn’t know all that much about pineapples except that they’re readily available in tropical places and how wonderful they taste (by the way here’s a smoothie recipe and another with Piña Coladas for us (aka Bacardi.)

But, back to the kids.  So, with a little bit of research I was able to piece together a slide show to include some simple facts, images and even a recipe for us to enjoy (thanks social media!)  By the way, these early learning presentations are so much fun to create and share with fellow parents and caregivers!

Maybe while you’re reading this you’re stuck in a waiting area with a child who’s starting to become impatient.  If so, you should be able to distract the little fellow or princess by bringing up the fact that there’s such a thing as Pineapple Day.  Then, view our slide show found here (that also contains printable coloring page for later, if they’re interested.)

If you didn’t have anything prepared for tomorrow, enjoy this lesson theme too!


Ice Age Play

Even when your head is flooded with nonstop ideas of your own, you can still draw a blank.  This is why I’m ever so grateful for all the sharing that takes place on social media.  As you can see, one share leads to another and so on.

A post that popped up on our Facebook feed led us to Crumb Bums and an outdoor activity idea for those very hot soon-to-be summer days.  I’m always thrilled when something brilliant comes along that’s also practical and doable with whatever I happen to have available.


So, in the interest of time and rising temperatures, I skipped the food coloring and just froze two animal toys in a suitably sized plastic storage container.  I also froze water alone in a large plastic cup and silicone heart-shaped mold.  We had toy hammers and the kids took turns trying to free the giraffe and an extinct Dino that I pointed out was stubbornly trapped in the ice age (and reminds me of a platypus, by the way.)

But, if you didn’t have a single toy to freeze, simply chipping away at a block of plain old ice was entertaining enough for them.

Well, this wonderful suggestion is now spinning me in a ton of different directions that I’ll be sure to update once I’ve tried them out next!